May 5, 2016

There are a number of opportunities to play adaptive hockey and other adaptive sports:



Players 17 years of age and younger typically play in the Youth Division. There are two skill levels within the Youth division: Novice and Junior (defined by USA Hockey): Novice players are new to the sport of sled hockey AND meet the age requirement. EXCEPTION: Adults who are unable to play safely or effectively with an Adult C level team may apply for a USA Hockey waiver to play in the Youth Division.  This is intended to allow those adults who cannot play at a higher level, continue to play sled hockey with other similar-skilled players.

ADULT B (or Adult Intermediate) Division

This level of play is for those players who are no longer eligible for youth hockey based on age and / or skill level. This level of player is not skilled enough yet for the Columbus Blue Jackets Sled Hockey team, made up of Adult A or elite players (all from Ohio).  Not all adult players progress to the elite level, however all sled hockey programs strive to advance all players, with an interest, to perform their best.                                               

Columbus Blue Jackets Sled Hockey Team (Elite Division, invitation only)

Beyond an invitation, each Columbus Blue Jackets (CBJ) sled hockey player MUST be able to (a) commit to participate in all tournament weekends, held in different cities around the midwest and east coast; (b) commit to attending the USA Hockey Disabled Festival, held in a different location each year; (c) pay a home team and league fee; (d) participate in fundraising for his/her perspective team; and (e) be responsible for all expenses they incur as an individual player (ex.) travel, food, transportation. The CBJ-SH team is sponsored by the  CBJ NHL team, thus some funding is provided for travel and the required NHL jerseys.

For more information, contact Mike Fenster:


OHIO SLED HOCKEY  – learn more about our parent organization

MIDAM DISTRICT   – your district regarding all ice and inline hockey – affiliate of USA Hockey

OHIO WARRIORS SLED HOCKEY OR VA ADAPTIVE SPORTS – for veterans looking to play sled hockey


DIRECTORY FOR PEOPLE WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES IN THE GREATER CINCINNATI AREA – fun & fit directory including information on how to get involved in various activities                               

CINCINNATI RECREATION COMMISSION (CRC) – Provides adaptive sports and activities for youth and adults.

GREAT MIAMI ROWING CENTER – Adaptive rowing for both youth and adults.

WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL AND MORE – Skool Aid is an organization passionate about having fun. Offers a variety of sport and non-sport related activities.

OHIO WHEELCHAIR – Ohio Wheelchair is a free Ohio communication and networking resource for all those using adaptive technologies.

SPINA BIFIDA COALITION OF CINCINNATI – An organization whose goal is to promote and enhance the lives of all affected by Spina Bifida.

ADAPTIVE SPORTS OF OHIO –  An organization offering adaptive track and field, basketball and other sports around the state.

TAASC – The Adaptive Adventure Sports Coalition – An organization out of Columbus, OH offering adventurous adaptive sports.

Ability Connection - Providing Ohio’s connection for individuals with mobility disabilities and those that support them.